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“I’ve been thinking about designing a t-shirt with the text: ‘Don’t ask me about my thesis!”

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Do you ever wonder how you will get enough time and energy to finish that huge writing project? Or are you nearly finished with your compilation thesis and now writing that crucial summarising chapter you’ve been putting off for weeks?

You’re not alone. Many of us experience academic life and academic writing as sometimes stressful and frustrating when we know (or heard) that it can be “rewarding.” Be assured there are proven strategies and tools to shift from writer’s block to writer’s flow. There are ways to shift from vague visions to concrete and tangible goals and build a sustainable work habit that works in the long run.

Finish on Time has provided workshops designed for Ph.D. students and other academic staff for over 13 years. Thousands of participants from all academic disciplines have given us excellent reviews over the years. For one thing, the participants appreciate that we understand academia and the academic work environment.

Academic effectiveiness
Academic productivity

Our full-day workshop on academic productivity and sustainable work methods provides you with a toolbox that supports you in working more happily and productively, starting today. Topics include building sustainable work habits, managing common psychological obstacles, such as perfectionism and the impostor syndrome, and choosing wisely among the many opportunities you encounter.

Read more about our workshops here.

We also have workshops designed for you who are in a post-doctoral position, both early career researchers or more senior teaching positions. Because, well, yes, the challenges with academic work are something that most scholars can relate to.


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