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“Minor revisions my foot. Not minor in relation to my current workload with writing applications”

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A few articles are in process, and others need adjusting after peer review, but I have no idea how to finish either. Are you struggling with perfectionism and procrastination, resulting in writer’s block?

Finish on Time has provided workshops designed for academic staff for a long time. Thousands of participants from all academic disciplines have given us excellent reviews. For one thing, the participants appreciate that we understand academia and all the conditions of the academic working environment.

"Completely surprised by the content and approach."

" Great job identifying issues with writing and setting goals."

"I feel quite motivated after the workshop to have a clearer structure for my work.”

Sign up for our workshop for early career researchers at Lund University during the fall here.

(In case of trouble with the link, email Åsa Burman to sign up:

In our workshop on academic productivity and sustainable work methods, designed for early career researchers, we will address how to build long-term sustainable work habits and focus on the key things that will lead your career forward rather than the many or all opportunities that might seem tempting.

We offer a highly interactive and hands-on workshop through exercises and dialogues among the participants, sharing experiences about academic work. Our hands-on toolbox applies to all academic disciplines and common types of academic work, such as writing articles or grant applications, supervision, and lab work.

Read more about our workshops here.


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